Finally came out on FB!

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Finally came out on FB!

Hello ladies! So I've been around here posting the past couple of weeks about how I really didn't want to tell anyone about baby #4 outside of family and my boss because of the negative reaction I knew I would get. I told two close girlfriends and both of them had some snarky comments (even though they thought they were being funny all it did was hurt my feelings). I just don't understand, just because I already have three children I'm not allowed to have another one? Is it too taboo nowadays is you're not catholic or LDS?? Anyway, I finally worked up the courage to spill on FB last night, and I basically said, "I'm pregnant again! If you feel the need to say anything negative, even if you think that it's funny, do me a favor and don't." I'm pretty sure that got the message across! Wink

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YAY! We aren't coming out to anyone (parents included; only my best friend knows and my boss at work) until after our first appointment when I can see that all is well.

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I hope you don't get too many more negative comments either!! We're going to wait a bit yet to say anything, just incase.

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Yay. I hope people think before they write anything. It is alot easier to untype or delete than to stop yourself from saying something hurtful.

I think its wonderful to have so many kids. Wink

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I have actually been debating deleting my account instead of coming out about my fourth child. Hahahaha! Remember when children were considered a blessing and people were excited for you??? I have wanted four kids for years and that is what I will be telling people. It's not their life and if they have an issue I say delete them! We are more worried about other people than anything other aspect of this baby...that is so sad!

I am glad there are a couple of us on here with big families. It makes me feel at home Smile

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Good for you!!!

I know this might sound weird, but I think it's the anti-teen pregnancy messages that have created this whole "anti-family" view. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we should encourage unprepared teen girls to get pregnant, but perhaps if they did not mentally condition people to view children as "a burden" from such a young age, we'd have better parents later on -- as well as bigger families.

I don't know why they don't teach teens about "responsible parenting" early on, so that young women learn to look forward to being good mothers when they are READY (at an acceptable age where they can parent responsibly) instead of showing posters of a teen mom that looks strung out where the pictures depict children the same way they would heroin. They compare parenting to life imprisonment, it's ridiculous.

I also agree that a large percentage of American society has this view that people with more than the average 2.5 children are either backwoods or in some religious cult lol I think that is just so stupid. Some of us actually enjoy our children and we CAN handle raising them just fine. My great grandmother raised 14 kids practically on her own (because great grandpa traveled for work a lot) and she had a lot less than we all have now. None of them were sickly or lacking in any way and the woman didn't die until she was 113 years old. So whatever LOL

Sorry for the rant. I am sensitive about the subject because I know I am going to get some comments myself about going for #3.

We are not coming out to anyone until we hit at least 13 weeks due to my previous losses and I hate it when people call me to tell me stupid things like "Oh, well at least it happened now and not later" or "at least it wasn't a baby yet" and bla bla bla. I mean, are you serious? Don't they get that once those two little lines appear it IS my baby already? I just don't get it.

Okay, I will stop before I turn into a total freak LOL!

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Yay congrats on "coming out" on facebook! I hope you get a good response.