Finally started on the nursery!

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Finally started on the nursery!

Hey girls, so because I was mad at DH today (no sex last night lol!), instead of lounging around with him during the day before work (he's off and I work night shift) I decided to start painting the nursery. I love love love the color! I only did one wall... it took me two hours between taping the borders and around the door, but it looks so beautiful! I went to Home Depot hoping to be able to pick a color close to his crib set, and they sell Disney colors by BEHR paint (his theme is Pooh) and they had a brochure of the exact crib set that I'm getting for Trystan and colors that match it exactly! I was so happy, and I went with "100 Acre Morning" which is a super soft baby blue... and it looks even better on my walls! I can't wait to work on it more tomorrow and Monday, and hopefully by Tuesday (which is finally my day off) it will be done, and I can move his furniture upstairs and take some pics for you ladies!

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Yay! I love when picking paint is so easy. Can't wait to see pics!

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Can't wait to see the pics Krystal!

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That is awesome!!! Must see pictures when you are done!!!! Please???

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I can't wait to see pics...I love Pooh!! Post lots Smile

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Can't wait to see pics! I am getting ready to start on mine too, but I know it won't be furnished until after my shower, so I won't be able to take pics right away. I love looking at everyone else's in the meantime! Smile

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I've spent many an hour staring at those Behr Disney paint chips! You can't go wrong with such gorgeous colors! Congrats on what I know are fabulous walls for your nursery!

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How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures.

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:worthless: Wink JK, sort of. haha. I MUST see pics. This sounds absolutely adorable!

We aren't doing any sort of theme in the room, so I'm living vicariously through you girls and all your creative ideas!