Finished my baby blanket!

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Finished my baby blanket!

Yeah! Finished my knitting project for the baby. A Sunny baby blanket. No suns though its actually squares lol but the pattern called for yellow yarn but i chose to go with the varigated yarn. I may try to do another in a different pattern but we will see.

Here is a couple Pictures Smile

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How cute! I really need to learn how to knit!!

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Wow that's beautiful! A friend of mine made a blanket for DD for my shower, and to this day she won't let it go... she liked it way more than all of the other 27 blankets she had lol!

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Great job! And it really IS sunny! Smile

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So pretty. And I am so jealous of your skill. I want to be crafty!!!

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Very pretty!

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Gorgeous! I love the colours Smile

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Thanks ladies Smile
My Dh's grandma taught me- I can really only do the basic stitches. I would like to learn more. My hands get pretty sore so its taken me awhile to finish but at lest I got it done in time.

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That's beautiful! You did an awesome job.

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Yay for being crafty! Congrats on such a successful project!

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I love it! So pretty and dainty!

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So pretty!! It's something she can keep and remember that her mommy made it for her.