First appointment!

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First appointment!


just wanted to tell you about my first appointment. It was just a meet and greet and I LOVE my doctor. She is a family doctor but the whole practice specializes in prenatal care because that's what they love - a great place! And she is on call Christmas so will most likely deliver this baby.

She told me not to worry at all about my spotting last week because it was so little. She said I don't even have to call her if it happens again but do call if there is more bleeding or cramps. She pulled up my ultrasound from last week at the hospital but it froze her computer so I couldn't see it Sad We will book a private ultrasound at 11 or 12 weeks and then I will finally be able to see baby too - so jealous of DH who got to see baby at the last ultrasound!

The hospital file did say that the baby measured 6w6d when I was pretty sure I was 7w3 or 7w4 days so I was a little concerned. But she said that was nothing to worry about, the heartbeat was good and that there were no problems visible on the ultrasound. She did move my due date to Dec 30 though, so it might be a new years baby after all!

My next appointment is scheduled for 3 weeks from now.

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COngratulations!! Bummer about DH getting to see the baby and not you. Wonder why they couldn't bother to take a few seconds and let you see the baby? I wouldn't worry about the measuring for now. I think it's quite normal for the baby to measure different at this stage.

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Sounds like a great first appointment! Sorry you didn't get to see your little bean. Sad

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Great appt! I'm glad you really like your docrtors practice. Since you'll see alot of them in a few months its nice to feel good about seeing them.

Cant wait to see your lil one in a few weeks!

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Congrats on a great appt!