First Appt Today!

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First Appt Today!

Totally uneventful as I figured. He just talked to me and did some blood work. He did order an ultrasound for next week to check my dates and such. He said he had to "fudge" some things and make it look like I was having issues to get an ultrasound this early. LOL How nice of him Smile So I am really excited. Then he scheduled another appointment for May 17 to go over the ultrasound and to do my pap smear. Not really sure why he didn't do it today. But oh well. So excited to see our baby on Monday. But I am so nervous at the same time!!

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wow what a great belated mother's day gift- seeing your beautiful baby! I am sure he didn't want to do it today because you are only 6 weeks....I have read sometimes it is hard to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks but at 6.5-7 weeks the chances go up dramatically. I'm glad you had a great appointment!

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That is strange he didn't do your pap today. Oh well, huh!?! I'm glad you'll get a peek at your baby next week!

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Yay for a good first appt and an early u/s!

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Awww, that's awesome of your doc! I have my first appt today, I'm sure it'll be just peeing in a cup and blood work as well...still a little nervous though! Smile

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Yay for getting to see the babe next week!!! Glad all went well!!

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Yahhh for a good appt! Good luck at your US!

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Yay cant wait for monday!!