first birthday?!

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first birthday?!

Anybody started thinking about first birthday parties? Can you even believe these are just around the corner? What are you planning? Will you do a theme?

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We have been to a couple of 1st birthday parties for babies in our twins group and people are going nuts! I mean, in such an outrageous and fun way. One party had a rented pool and loads of guests and a fantastic, catered lunch. Another had a balloon man and someone hired to do face painting. I don't know if we'll do a party. We're usually more low-key, practical sorts, but it does seem fun to do it up for the first birthdays! Wink

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We'll probably just do a really small party with a few friends. We don't have any family close-by, otherwise we would likely just invite family. But we are not big partiers... DH and I never even give each other presents. We usually just do something fun that we don't get to do often, like going for a paddle. But, we will definitely have a couple presents for DS to open as well as a cake and balloons.

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I'm hoping the husbands family comes for the holidays since we are suppose to have my stepson for Christmas. Isabella's first birthday will be the 29th so I hope they will all be here. Not sure yet what I'm going to do. Probably something just small with a homemade smash cake that's really colorful. Not set on a theme though.

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Our kids' birthdays are 2.5 weeks apart, so we're planning a together party in the middle of them. Our son (he'll be 4) wants a Pirate party, so we're going to have a Pirate & Princess party. We have always had everyone over to our house. I've been shopping for the supplies as I see things that I like between the 2 themes...and I've started making their banner. I have pretty much everything purchased already. I need to decide on food, and invitations yet.

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Luke and Allie's birthdays are 10 days apart, but they are getting individual parties. We just do a small family party with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin and my cousins 2 children. Nothing fancy or too big.

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Probably just small party with family and a close friend on or near DS's actual birthday. When we fly out to visit DH's family closer to Christmas, I imagine we will do something like cake.

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I don't really have a "theme" in mind per se. I'm thinking something kind of wintery and girly with pastel colors (pink, yellow, blue). I have been pinning ideas over at Pinterest if you care to peruse, click here: First Birthday Ideas

We will probably just have something small at our home, though even if we invite only family, I have a big family, so it could end up being kind of big. Then again, being so close to Christmas, people might decide they can't make it because most of my family will have to drive about an hour to attend. I guess we'll see. I'm not a huge party person, but I am excited about planning this!

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I'm not ready! Not ready! I don't want to talk about it! Our babies CANNOT be almost 1! :eek: