First U/S Today!!

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First U/S Today!!

I had my first u/s today. The baby was squirming and rolling all around and even waved its little hand at us. The heartbeat was in the 170s...could that mean girl? That seems faster than most of you have been reporting. Anyway, it was just so nice to finally see the little bean!!

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

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Fun! Yay! Yea, mine was at 175 at my U/S last week! Maybe girl?!

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Great pictures! Congratulations on a good appt! Dirol

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Yayyy! Congrats on seeing your sweet baby!

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Great pictures!!! Congrats Smile

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Awww! So cute! My baby hb has been 165-168 all four times we've checked. I hope that means pink!

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Oh that is so cute! Congrats!

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YAYYY! Wonderful news! Cute pics! "They" say a faster hb means girl. Mine has always been around 160ish and supposedly mine is a girl. Wink

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YAY for a beautiful baby!!

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Beautiful baby!! I don't buy the old wive's heart rate theory. My son was always 160's and my dd was always 130's! I will say however that I'm pretty sure you're having a girl according to the nub theory. You can check it out here

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