Flu-like symptoms

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Flu-like symptoms

Throughout the first trimester I had these annoying flu like symptoms with body aches, sore and tired muscles, chills, headaches, exhaustion etc. I felt that it was related to fatigue, because it got worse when I was more tired. I will be 15 weeks on Monday but I still feel that way. Not always, but quite frequently. Every time, it starts (several times per week, lasting for a day or two) I think I am coming down with the flu because that is how it feels. But then it goes away after a day or two?

I was intent on going walking and exercising more in the 2nd trimester because in the first I did nothing, but I am so achy and tired I just can't get myself to. If I do go and do something (even just shopping for an hour), I usually feel worse after. If I continue to feel like this this will be a very long pregnancy... I will bring it up with my doctor this week, but was wondering if anyone else is feeling like this.

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Sorry you're feeling this way. It can feel very frustrating to not be able to do the things we used to do. I am feeling much better now than I did, but even still, I get tired and winded very easily. Just taking the dog out for a walk is exhausting. I would definitely bring this up to your doctor at your next visit if you are still feeling this way. Maybe he will have some suggestions. Hope you feel better soon!

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I'm so sorry you feel like crap all the time! I got sick early on (around 6 weeks) but it only lasted about a week, thankfully. You definitely need to talk to your doc about this, and make sure that you're not running fevers that are too high, as it can be dangerous for baby...

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Has your iron levels been checked to see if you are anemic?

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Thanks for the responses, I will definitely talk to my doc about it this week. I am not sure my iron has been checked... will ask for that too. Maybe that's why I feel so beat sometimes. Feel much better again today. It just comes and goes.

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I was going to suggest your iron levels too! Hope it's just something simple and you can be feeling better soon.