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Follow-up Appt

So I had a follow-up appointment today with my OB to check my cervix after the ER thing earlier this week. Everybody is fine and the cervix is looking perfect! At 12 weeks and 18 weeks the doc felt reasonably sure that there were two boys in there, but today -- when I was supposed to get the "official" word -- he couldn't get as good of a look. B is definitely a boy. He's all stretched out and it's obvious. A is curled up and harder to see. At first the doc goes, "Aaaaaand ... it's a girl." I was dubious obviously and asked, "Really?" But the OB forgot he'd given his opinion before. "Is that not what they said at the hospital?" "No, that's not what YOU have been saying." "Oh." So he goes back to take another look. "Oh, you're right, there's a penis. Oh wait, is it? I don't know. The baby won't stop moving. Ok, it's one boy and one I-don't-know." This was the first time we've even had a thought that there could be a girl in there!

Then on my way out, oh man this was hilarious, I ran into a friend from work. We just sort of laughed when we saw each other and I was thinking way too hard thinking well maybe she's just getting a regular pap smear or something when she was all, "Don't tell ANYONE! My mom doesn't even know yet!"

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Glad to hear the babies are doing well. When is your next scan to find out what baby A will be? Congrats on your one for sure baby boy!!!

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Congrats on a great appt! Are you hoping baby A will be a girl, or would you rather have two boys?

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I have no preference. The big positive for same sexes is that they'll be able to share a room forever making things cheaper and easier for me. The big positive for opposite sexes is that there could be a few (just a few, but perhaps it'll make a difference) fewer instances in which they will be compared to each other by strangers, friends, coaches or teachers.

I'll find out at my anatomy scan. It was supposed to be August 4 but they wanted to postpone it for me (and now with everyone doing re-takes on this board I see why!) so it'll be August 26.

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Glad you got the all clear! Wink

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I'm glad everything looks great despite the bleeding!

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I'm so glad all is well!! Smile

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