Forgot to post about my appointment.......

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Forgot to post about my appointment.......

Operation Baby is a go!

In my first u/s at 6 wks, they saw the sac but no baby. Our doc gave us a 50% chance. At my 8 wk appt, there it was, heartbeat and everything! Smile EDD 12/8. We have another appt next Fri. Thanks for all the good thoughts Smile

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So glad everything was ok for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy I hope your appt on Friday goes really well...hearing that heartbeat is music to a mom's ears.

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Congrats!! I bet that was the longest wait ever!! So glad they saw the baby and heartbeat this time.

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YAY!!! Glad for the good news!

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Great news! Smile

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Woohooo!! That is fabulous news!!!

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Congrats on a good appt!

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Wonderful news! It's nice to have you on the board!

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Yahoo Thats wonderful news!!