Four month shots and appt

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Four month shots and appt

I know I posted this on our FB group, but just incase someone missed it... T had his four month checkup and shots this past Tuesday. All is beautiful with him! He's 15 lbs, 7 oz and 24 inches long. He took his shots like a champ and stopped crying as soon as I picked him up. They did give him a fever this time around, that stuck around for the next 24 hours, so that was hard on him and me. He was pretty fussy and the medicine that I had didn't seem to ever really break his fever. So he and I just had a little extra cuddle time, which is always good with me!

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Glad to hear it was a good appt! Elaina's 4mo shots are next week. I'm nervous, the first round didn't bug her at all but I have heard it is harder the next time. It is good to hear that T did okay for the most part!

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Ours are on wednesday - I am so not looking forward to that!

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Next week for us. Finn screams after his shots so not looking forward to that either.

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Aww, glad he took his shots well with just a bit of a fever. For those about to go, my guys were OK at the 2 month shots with some Tylenol and did even better this time -- it doesn't have to be worse! Smile