A friend had her baby

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A friend had her baby

She delivered a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share a bit with you. She was told she was going to have a deformed baby due to high sugars that were out of control for months before she realized she was pregnant. Anyway she was told to terminate the pregnancy over and over and she cried and cried. She was terrified!

Fast forward she just delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy! He is so healthy and sweet. We are so happy for her and feel like her story could help other scared moms keep the faith that your baby could be whole in there and you might be scared for nothing. Stay strong ladies!

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TFS Joy! That is a great testimony to the fact that doctors aren't always right and we need to go with our gut. I'm so glad your friend decided to keep the baby and now has this precious miracle.

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love it!

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YAY!!!!!!! Sometimes, I think the docs tell us "worst case scinero" to cover themselves and let us know what "may" hapen, not what IS happening....

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TFS. What a great outcome.

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This is exactly why I hate all of those unecessary tests that they give to pregnant women, because more times than not you get a false positive and devistate yourself and your family for no reason at all. I'm so glad she decided to keep the baby... what a terrible accident. I'm so glad her baby is OK!