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Thought you might all appreciate this post on Rants from Mommyland today. These ladies crack me up.

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Hahah!! I loved this. I'm going to share it on FB maybe the right people will get the hint lol Thanks for sharing!

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LOL! Thanks for the morning laughs Smile

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I love this! Had I not just shared a similar rant/blog last week I would totally share this one. I don't want everyone to start thinking of me as the crabby pg lady. lol

I did have a random stranger rub my belly in line at Luby's yesterday and then proceed to tell me that she hated when people did that to her. LOL

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Hilarious!! All of that stuff is beyond true.

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LOL I love this and I REALLY needed to hear it all today....thanks!! I like knowing I am not alone putting up with people like this....

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Dear God all of this is so true lol!