Fussiness returns at 11 weeks?

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Fussiness returns at 11 weeks?

Ryan was quite fussy from about week 5-9. Meaning there were days where he cried almost every waking minute. It was very tiresome. Things got progressively better and he was doing great from week 9-11, only fussing when he was overtired or hungry. He also started doing lots of baby babble, smiling, cooing, and generally was a much happier baby. Feeding times were still tough but... you guys know about all the feeding trouble we've had.

Well, starting about a week ago when he was 11 weeks old, things went downhill. He started being very irritable and fussy again, always on the brink of crying. To make matters worse, I think he also caught a cold that DH and I both had. I am not sure as he wasn't really stuffed up a lot, but he did sneeze a little more than normal. With this came eating less than normal, sleeping more than normal, and lots of crying. He can't go more than an hour during the day without getting tired, and that is with sleeping 12 hours a night with two feeds in between. Before, he could go an hour and a half. Yesterday I dared to go out grocery shopping and he cried the entire time...

It's been a week of this - seems too long for a growth spurt. Anyone else experience this around 11/12 weeks??

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I think Elaina got fussier right before the 11 week mark, though she had a slight cold too so maybe that was it. But definitely had a few days of increased fussing. She turned 11 weeks on Sunday and really was not herself over the weekend. I have a wonder weeks app on my phone and right around 11/12 weeks it looks like they are making another big developmental leap! If it has been a full week of fussing for you I hope that means it will pass really soon. That sounds so hard Sad hang in there!!

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My Ryan just turned 10 weeks on Monday and I told my DH that he must be hitting a growth spurt because he has been super fussy!! It's so nice to have other babies to be able to compare things to and to make your baby feel "normal". He has also been sleeping more than usual.

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Claire will be 11 weeks friday and she has been pretty much either sleeping, eating, or fussing the last three days.

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Yep, fussiness here too. Even during activities she used to enjoy (bath, diapering) she shrieks like and angry cat. It's bumming me out. Sad

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Trystan thankfully is a super good baby with no real crankiness unless he gets super hungry. Do you think Ryan is colicky?

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My Ryan's colic resolved once we got him on his special formula and on meds for his reflux. He is generally a happy, easy baby now. I think it's just a growth spurt. Colic is usually evident from the beginning isn't it? I don't think it develops later. But I could be wrong.

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Kai is super fussy and 12 weeks almost 13 (tomorrow). I am so glad it is not just us....he is a happy and easy baby, so his fussiness is not that bad, but way more crank right now.

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It must be a growth spurt I think - he seems to be getting better (knock on wood) and he slept 8 hours last night!! It's so nice to have some other babies to compare to Smile