garage sale finds!

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garage sale finds!

I don't really want to be buying things yet (because of my m/c...still nervous), but, I also can't really pass up garage sale season! It's our town's all-city garage sale this weekend, so I hit a few garage sales up after I dropped ds off at school this morning.

We don't need too many things this time around, but I was on the lookout for a few things we had borrowed but given back.

Infant bath tub -- CHECK! $8 and looks brand new! Also has the infant hammock in there.
Wipe Warmer -- CHECK! and CHECK! I bought one, and then found a different one I liked at the next sale so got that one instead (it was only $1...perfect condition!) -- anybody need a wipe warmer? Lol
Floor Gym Activity Center -- CHECK! $15 - Baby Einsten, plays music, has lights. Not sure yet if all of the attachments are there, but could hang random toys if there's 1-2 missing.

Those were the 3 things I was hoping to find today and I found them all within minutes! Also got our son a pair of jammies NWT and a Dora ABC game! I think I spent $31 total. Dirol

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OH!!! Great finds! I love Garge Sale season. I hate going with my toddler in tow, though, so now I do more consignment sales and such...

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Awesome! I kept pretty much everything from when my son was an infant, so I'm hoping not to need too much...but what I do need I'm hoping to find used if possible!

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That's great! Way cheaper than it would have all been in a store!!

I wish our city had a city wide garage sale. I hardly ever find them. And when I do is when I'm broke, I really have the worst luck with them. We have some great consignment shops around here, so I think once I find out the sex is when I'll get ambitious to shop. Right now all I want to do is make sure the baby in there has a heartbeat still.

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great finds! I have a baby bath tub like the one you described. I only use the hammock thingy a couple times with Jacob. He got too big too fast. And i liked having him in some warm water. I found the hammock kept him pretty elevated and he wasnt in the water anymore. So he got cold. Sad But otherwise i liked it. Fits well in my kitchen sink. Biggrin

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We have to buy alot of stuff even though we have a 4 year old. I still have her pack n play and crib and that's it!! Gave away all the toys to my sister (her daughter was born 7 months after mine) after my daughter outgrew them and the same with the clothes and things such as the bathtub, high chair, etc. I better get started. LOL

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Great finds!!! I love a good deal Smile

Luckily, I kept EVERYTHING from Nicholas. If we are having a boy, we will only need some clothes (different seasons). If we have a girl, we need lots of clothes Smile maybe some girly toys for when she is a little older.