GBS test... Lurkers welcome!!!

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GBS test... Lurkers welcome!!!

Is there any way to prevent GBS?? I read somewhere on one of the boards here during my last pregnancy that you should abstain from sex for 2 weeks prior to getting tested because it can cause your test to be +. The poster said oral sex in particular will transmit GBS. I guess I am more curious than anything. I have tried to research it but haven't come up with anything.

Has anyone heard this before? I'm wondering if its just a wives tale. I asked my midwife last time and she said its not an STD. My test was negative.

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I have never heard of that...curious now too!

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I had it last time (if you are talking strep B virus). From what I was told there is nothing you can do to prevent a positive test. EVERY woman has it at some point in their life. It comes and goes and is either dormant or present. I guess it is kind of like chicken pox which stays in your system forever and can resurface as shingles at any time. Just a bacteria we all carry, and yes, it is not an STD...

Like I said, I had it with my DS and it really was no big deal. It was actually easy to know to just go into the hospital when my water broke and be hooked up to IVs. I didn't have any issues or complications and it was a total non-issue. I think they test for it here around 36 weeks, so I'm curious to see if I still have it.

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I haven't heard anything about sex affecting the results.

What I have heard of is using supplements to reduce the likelihood of GBS being present. I did this with DS and will do it again with this baby (and I have always been GBS -ve). So you take garlic, echinacea, probiotics and Vitamin C to whatever dose is on the bottles, daily for 2 weeks before your GBS swab. I don't know the specific science behind it but it supposedly will increase your good bacteria and decrease your bad bacteria, and make it less likely that GBS is present in your body.

Worth a try, I figure!

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The probiotic part makes sense to me! Maybe I will start taking that. I would assume foods rich in probiotics would help too, like yogurt.

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Um... what is this??

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Group b strep test. You'll probably get swabbed at the 36 week appt

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They are doing my group b test next week. They do it at 35 weeks here. They have always just said it was no big deal for me, just could be dangerous for baby if its positive and baby passes through the birth canal and antibiotics during labor fix the problem.