Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes

Well, I went for my 3 hour test this morning and called the Dr. office this afternoon. I failed all of the blood draws after the fasting one so I have gestational diabetes Sad

Any advice or experience on what is going to happen from here? My numbers were something like: 91, 196, 200, 165. Doesn't it usually go away when you give birth? Or do you have to stay on the diet until the 6 week post-partum checkup?

I'm so sad. With the holidays coming up there is no way I will be able to enjoy the food at all Sad

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I'm sorry Angela - I have no advice for you, I'm not really familiar with GD. I hope you get some good advice from everyone here.

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Wouldn't your ob's office or even the women's wing of the hospital you'll deliver at have some great information for you?

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Oh bummer! I know and you know that you'll be fine and you'll be able to handle the dietary changes, but it does suck to have one more thing to have to deal with. Sorry. :confused:

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My friend who had her baby in August was diagnosed with GD. She was able to keep hers under control with diet and exercise changes. I believe it all depends on the severity of your GD and how well it responds to subtle changes in diet and exercise. Your OB will have to consult you on what is best for your GD based on the severity and its response to treatments.

My friends baby weighed a healthy 7 lbs 2 oz at birth and she was nearly 2 weeks late! Hopefully yours will be easily managed.

I'm so sorry you are going through this :bighug: Yes, it usually goes away after birth, so it is just temporary. Please KUP!

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hugs to you!! So sorry!

My doctor said if I failed I had to see a nutritionist to show me how to eat and use the blood glucose monitor. Did you doc give you any follow-up?

Here is the diet I've been following:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner: no more than 45g of carbs per meal, mix with protein and veggies

Do not eat for 2-hours after B,L,D but DO have snacks in between meals (at about 2-hours) to keep level. Snacks: no more than 15g of carbs.

Listen to your body(or your glucose meter). For me, if I have any carbs at breakfast I get sick.

Sample diet: Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 sausage links
Snack: 1 cup cottage cheese w/a few chunks of pineapple
Lunch: Turkey, cheese on whole wheat bread (I use sandwich thin bread it has fewer carbs), carrots, sugar snap peas
Snack: cashews/almonds w/string cheese
Dinner: Chicken & spinach salad
Snack: Apples w/peanut butter. I have found I can usually have more carbs at my late night snack w/o problems. Sometimes even a bowl of non-sugar cereal!

I only drink water or crystal light (they have yummy lemonaid!) I cut out most fruit or only eat them w/lunch or dinner, cut out ice cream, french fries and pastries.

Good luck!! It took me a few days but I got used to it!

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"lesleynka" wrote:

Wouldn't your ob's office or even the women's wing of the hospital you'll deliver at have some great information for you?

I'm sure I will meet with a nutritionist or at least a doctor to go over what I should/should not eat. The dr still has to review my numbers so I'm sure I'll get a call tomorrow to set up some appts and telling me to buy a glucose meter.

Amy- Thank you SO SO SO much for your list of food. I'm starting a diet immediately and not quite sure where to start. I was wondering some ideas on what I can eat besides grilled chicken salads haha. I followed a similar plan on Sunday to prepare for the 3 hour test today and I do have to say that I felt better Sunday than I usually do. I'm sending DH to the store to get some sugar free ice cream for my ice cream fixes and going to start having toast with peanut butter for breakfast until I meet with the nutritionist. I also had a chicken salad sandwich (thanks for the tip on the whole wheat sandwich thins- I saw those at Sam's the other day!) for lunch. I'm glad it's apple season as I love apple and peanut butter too.

I'm sure it will just take a little adjusting and monitoring but this just adds more fuel to the fire for a c-section at the end. At least I will be monitored closely to make sure everything is ok with Emily.

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oh so sorry Angela!! Is there a GD board here?? There really ought to be if there isn't!

Typically GD resolves after pregnancy. Pregnancy causes increased insulin resistance in EVERYONE regardless of diet, weight gain, overall health etc etc. In some people it's enough to cause gestational diabetes. It's my understanding that women who do get GD are at increased of getting type 2 diabetes later in life, but it should resolve post partum. Ideally any diet modifications should last a life time. Getting GD can almost be a "sneak peak" into the future. You could see this as an opportunity to adopt good changes to keep you diabetes free for life!

Are they going to get you set up with a nutritionist? I'm sure this is scary and frustrating. I bet there are message boards out there if there isn't one here for gestational diabetes to offer you support and a place to vent.


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Aww Angela I'm so sorry you failed the test. I'm almost positive it goes away right after delivery, but they have you watch your diet until your 6 week postpartum checkup to be on the safe side. Once you're there they check your blood sugar levels to make sure that you're actually in the clear. Don't worry, it's very common, and I'm sure you and baby will be just fine!

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I'm so sorry.

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Oh no, that stinks!

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You should talk to the nutritionist about it. There must be ways you can enjoy some holiday goodies - with moderation, of course.

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:bighug: I'm sorry Angela. That really stinks. Hopefully there are some good sugar-free alternatives out there that you can enjoy!!

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I had GD with both of my other kiddos...I took the test early and by some miracle I do not have it this time. YET at least, lol. Still have to re-take the test in a few weeks to be safe.

My diet looked very much like the one posted above, although I did usually have around 15 grams of carbs with my breakfast (one slice of toast or something similar). And I used to sneak in a little bowl of ice cream for my bed time snack once in a while (with the blessing of my nutritionist). Key is watching your portion sizes and keeping the carbs spread throughout the day so you don't have huge blood sugar spikes and crashes.

There is a GD board here, or at least there was last time I was pg. I don't know if it is still there or how active it is. I know I am not the most active member on this board, but I do pop in every day or two to see what you all are up to, so if you have any questions I could help with feel free to PM me!

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Oh no I am so sorry to hear! Everyone has already given great advice. It's. Great that you did a modified diet in prep for the test and how you felt will make the transition easier. The diet posted previous looks great!

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I am so sorry!! Sad It sounds like such a hassle, but I hope for you it is easily controlled by a few small changes. And I hope there is a way for you to enjoy holiday goodies! Definitely ask the nutritionist about that Smile

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I also have GD, I'm so sorry you do too. So far it hasn't been that bad. Wait on buying a monitor I was given one when I went to the GD class. They also gave me a script for the test strips and I had to buy ketone urine strips to test, I'm currently having flash backs to ovulation strips lol.

The diet I follow is just like what Amy posted only I was told Breakfast and the 3 different snacks to keep carbs between 15-30 carbs. Lunch and Dinner is 30-45 carbs.

My doctor told me that if I can keep everything good for 2 weeks that I won't have to report back just keep it for my own records. I'm glad that Thanksgiving has tons of proteins I'm already researching low carb stuffing ideas and if I find any good ones I'll pass them on Smile

My doctor told me that once the baby is here it should go back to normal. Just to check off and on for a few months to make sure.

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I had it with dd and I was borderline with ds and I am expecting it again this time. I was able to control it with diet/exercise.

There is LOTS of info on the web and you just have to find what work for your body.

I could have no more than 30 carbs for breakfast or that number was high. For lunch and dinner, 45 and for a bedtime snack I could have peanut butter toast or popcorn. I tried all sorts of varieties of things to get my numbers where they should be.

I didn't have to stay on the diet after baby was born.

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Thanks so much for the responses. I got the call today from the nurse that the doctor looked over my results and is referring me to a nutritionist. I asked about the monitor stuff and she said the nutritionist will go over it all with me.

I went to the grocery store today and got a ton of low-carb yummy food to eat (cottage cheese, cheese sticks, whole wheat cracker, lettuce, celery, carrots, sugar free ice cream LOL). I think my hardest change will be breakfast- I am used to instant oatmeal with milk and a large glass of milk. Today I had peanut butter toast because that's all I had at the house but tomorrow AM I'm going to have peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat toast, a hard boiled egg, and some water.

The plan is to write down everything I am eating and hopefully the nutritionist can see if I am on the right track. Also someone at work told me they make whole grain stuffing that is actually pretty tasty so I am excited about that for thanksgiving!

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I have lots of good low-carb recipes if you get bored with what you're eating. Just let me know. Smile

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Carrie- I'll take any recipe that can be prepared in under 30 min Smile Preferably with little cooking (although I know that's hard).