Getting excited...

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Getting excited...

I went to babies r us this weekend. Ohhhhh, I am getting so excited. I cannot wait to find out the sex of this baby!!!! It feels so far all of a sudden, December, wow! This is feeling real now!

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I felt the same way when I would go to Babies R Us before I found out the sex... because I wanted a girl, but now that we know it's a boy I'm DREADING buying baby clothes because I hate them all!

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You'll find out in about a month right? I will find out at the end of July and can't wait either! I love looking at the little clothes once I know the sex. Right now all the girl stuff is just teasing me so I don't bother.

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I find out July 8th...cannot wait!!! I could be super excited either way, I just want to know!!!

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Oh I know!!! We went shopping on the weekend and I bought a nice diaper bag and three adorable onesies from Baby Gap. I am just imagining filling up the the diaper bag for a day out and dressing our baby...I just can't wait!!! Biggrin :D

We won't find out boy or girl till mid July or so (can't book the appt yet) but our first ultrasound will be July 8th!! Yay!

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Do you have any feelings as to the sex of the baby?