Getting to the Hospital

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Getting to the Hospital

How are you getting to the hospital? Is it far? If someone is driving you, when are you going to call them?

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My hospital is very close, Hopefully DH will be taking me, but frankly if I need to get there fast, anyone can take me Wink

Thought you were on your way!

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I'm quite close to the hospital, DH will drive me. In a pinch, if things went super quickly and he was far away from home, my dad could take me...he's quite close too! Come to think of it, so are my inlaws....and my best friend....haha, I think I am covered well Smile

I also totally thought you were on your way and got excited Wink

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We live about 45 minutes from the hospital. If DH is home then he will drive me, if he's at work and I'm home I will probably have my Mom drive me, if I happen to be at work (which is about 5 minutes from the hospital) then I will have a co-worker take me.

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We live 15 min from the hospital. DH will drive me but we can't leave until someone is there to watch Nicholas. My neighbors have volunteered to watch Nicholas until my MIL (45 min away) can get here. If I go into labor Christmas eve or after, my parents will be here to watch him already.

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Our hospital is about 15 minutes. I have a few neighbor friends who can take me if DH isn't home. Also our realtor(also a friend) volunteered to help if we needed but it would probably take him longer to get here. And then my 16y/o has his permit so he could take me too but he'd be stuck at the hospital until someone could come get him. So he's last resort for me. Plus I'd rather he watch the kids and someone take me.

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DH will take me. Being in the car when you are in active labor is horrible. At least for me it was. Sitting through a contraction was the worst. We are only 15 minutes or less.... But we will have to stop and drop Luke off at my landlady's on the way

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Both dh and my MIL work 5 minutes from me. The hospital is like 7 min away. My OBs office is in the same parking area as the hospital so its all very local.

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Phew...I thought the title of your post was "going" to the hospital! I was thinking this was it for you!!

We live about 5-10 minutes away. DH will take me. However, i don't think I'll go into labor before my c-section date.

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I'm about 35 minutes from the hospital. My DH will probably drive me. It just all depends on when stuff happens! He is going on a hunt this weekend, so if stuff happens then, it will be my mom!

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I guess it depends on where I am when I go into labor, eh? I haven't really thought about it until now.

I guess I assumed Ed would take me, but if he's not around idk. Can i drive myself? I live close to the hospital, but it's urban so there is a million stop lights....

If I go into labor at work I'm guessing I'll just have someone from here drive me. It's about 20 mins or so to the hospital from here.

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Well I guess that all depends on if I go into labor on my own and where I'll be when that happens!! If I'm at work, I'll have to drive myself... it's about a 15 minute drive. If I'm at home and DH is at work, I'll be driving myself, and then it's about 20 minutes. If DH and I are both home, he'll drive us. It's because of all these "ifs" I'd rather be induced, so that we can get the kids to my mom's house and drive to the hospital NOT in pain lol! We'll see...

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I live across the street from the hospital Biggrin Literally, I am thinking of walking. It would probably take less time! I'm about a 90-120 second walk from the front doors. I do, however, insist on being driven home after! ROFL

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I thought you were going to the hospital too !

We live out of town about 20mins then maybe 10-20 minutes from the hospital. Depending on the weather- if its a blizzard then it will take longer. I do have a c-section booked but if I go into labor before that date then DH will drive me. He works from home and I am starting my Mat leave on Nov 30 so I will be at home.