Glucose test results

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Glucose test results

.....I PASSED! yay!!!!! Oh, but I was nervous, lol! So my midwife said she wouldn't call me unless the results came back that I failed. Well, I get home from work today and there's a message from her on the machine :eek: while I was playing it back I was so nervous, thinking I could never eat my favourite carbs and candies...carbs are still a massive craving for me. anyway, she said in the message that my sugars are totally fine, she was just calling to tell me that my iron check came back low, so I need a supplement or to eat more. Whew! That's much more manageable!

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for their results too!

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Great news!!! Smile I have mine on Thursday and I am nervous too for some reason.

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I am so happy for you. YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!

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Congrats on passing your test Hilary!!!

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Awesome you passed! I wonder... my doctor hasn't even brought this test up at all. I will ask her at my next appointment in 2 weeks.

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:woohoo: for passing the GD test!!! Now go eat a steak, girl!! Smile Hope you start getting a kick back in your step now that you know your iron is low.

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Woohoo! Yahoo

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That's great you passed!

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Congrats on passing!! And a steak sounds like a good iron boosting plan to me!!

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Congrats on passing your GTT!!!!!!!!!!!! When my iron was low I ate a lot of spinach salads and it helped me out.

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Yay! Carb party!

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Thanks all! And thanks for the suggestions. Steak sounds good Biggrin and I love spinach, so that should be easy too! Smile