Good Appt :)

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Good Appt :)

Met with the OB today- the one i saw for both my kids stopped doing pregnant women so they booked me in with his associate that is working with him.

She was great- never had a woman before and wow - so much easier to talk with! Very comfortable with her.

I am measuring right on time and baby's heart beat was good- so no worries there. My gp did not listen to the heartbeat last appt so that worried me, but now feel so much better!

I will have to have another c-section as after 2 she said no way, which I am completely ok about that. So no New Years baby for me- she likes to do the c-sections in the 39th week/7 days before the due date- which would be Christmas. But I am guessing that they will wait till the 26 or 27th to book it as Christmas also falls on a Sunday. If i happen to go into labor before that then we will do a c-sec if that happens before the scheduled date. My other two sections were done 37-38 weeks. My DD was 5lbs 13oz and my DS was 7lbs 7 oz- so be interesting to see what this lo will be.

So a December baby for me for sure Biggrin

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Good! I love how the good appointments are so reassuring and -- at least for me -- can drop any ridiculous worries by the wayside for a while.

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woohoo!!!!! December is a marvelous time to be born Smile and i'm so glad you like your new doc!

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A christmas baby! Wow! Glad you had a good appointment... I have always felt more comfortable with female doctors. I just can't take a man seriously when he is trying to tell me what it is like to be a woman!

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Congrats on your great appt! I love having a female doc, I wouldn't have a male if someone paid me to carry my babies lol! And think of it this way, you'll get to claim baby on your taxes next year since he'll be born in December! December babies are fun anyway!

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Yay for a good appointment! Being comfortable with your doctor is definitely a must for me. I couldn't see a doctor that I didn't trust. I've had a male doctor for both pregnancies and I guess I don't mind it. As long as they are willing to listen to my concerns and have my well being and that of my sons in mind then I don't care.

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It's great to have a good doctor you feel comfortable with. Yay for great appts!

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Congrats on a great appointment! And I agree - I am so much more comfortable with my midwife being a woman (are there even male midwives out there??). I would not like discussing birth with a man at all :confused: I like it this way knowing that she's been through it twice before herself!!