Got great news today :)

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Got great news today :)

I had a second opinon done by another Re after having some other troubles! This is a copy from my other board!

I went to the re this morning! What a really nice man Smile He was so friendly and understanding. Basicly he explained everything like the other re did but he said that the clomid was probally working but the estrogen and the progesterone were over powering the clmoid and that is why I probally did not O those other months. He said they should have the stopped the estrogen and progesterone once my period came back and only do the clomid.

He said I am not pregnant right now and I did not ovulate this month at all. He did an ultrasound and saw 9 follies on the right and 8 on the left. My linning is thin. He also was not sure about the midcycle spotting that my temps are all over the place but he said by the looks of the ultrasound I did not O.

But Smile he is going to go ahead with some hcg shots clmoid and iui!!! SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!!!! I was crying! He said that at this rate he does not think I could get pregnant without at least the clomid and hcg injections. He says he has seen other women with the same problem and they got preggo the first round or second and very quickly!

He said if we did not want to do this that it might take 6-18 months of no meds or anything before I could get pregnant. He said it could be sooner or it could be the 18th months!

So if a period doesn't start in 14 days I am to call and he will give me something to bring it on. Cd 5-9 do the clomid, On cd12 I will drive an hour to the main hospital for my ultrasound if it looks good I will go home and do my first shot. Next day drive the hour again do a the ultrasound go home have sex, come the next day again and do the iui and 16 days later either get + hpt or do it again. He said he will do as many cycles but assures me it wont be more than 2!

So I am really happy I have an answer and I have help! Sucky part is my insurance covers everything except the shots and they are 110.00 each so yeah I must be really frugal the next few months!!

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yay!!! how awesome!!!! so so happy for you and good luck!!! :bighug:

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It must feel great to know someone has confidence they can help you. Yay!! Good Luck!!

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Whoohoo glad to hear that you are getting things rolling. Sounds like a plan to me.

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Thats so great that you got some news and a doc who wants to give you results!! Heres to a Jan 2012 baby for u Smile

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