Got the nursery furniture!

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Got the nursery furniture!

Hey girls! For my very first Craigslist experience it was a dream come true! Everyone always told me to get on there for anything that I might need (locally dealt with, of course), and so I looked up "crib and dresser set" and found two beautiful pieces. Long story short, I contacted the seller with my interest, but I would need to rent a truck or something to transport it before I went to look at it. I told him that and he said, "No problem, I have a trailer and can bring it to you." I couldn't believe it! So DH and I met him day before yesterday at a gas station to look at the crib and dresser (which was beautiful!) and he followed us back to the house, helped DH take it inside, and even offered DH to come back if he needed help getting the crib put back together as he had taken it down to transport it! When I was checking it all out again yesterday, I noticed that they both still had their original pricetags on them... and both pieces together cost them over $1000! I couldn't believe that I had gotten them both for just $200! I'll post pics when I get home! Just had to come and brag (lol) that I'm that much closer to the nursery... now if I can just get DH to get his crap out of that room!

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Wow - that has GOT to be the best CL outcome I've ever heard. Most people want you to come to them and pick it up ASAP.

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What a major score!! I check our craigslist here but haven't found anything worth asking about.

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I LOVE a good deal. Especially when it comes easy! Awesome! Can't wait to see the pics.

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Score!!!! Can't wait to see it! Biggrin

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That is awesome!!! congrats. can't wait to see pics!

I just bought a 270 dollar crib off of craigslist for Nicholas... for 100 bucks!! and he's delivering it for free. And it matches Luke's crib.

It takes awhile... i have been searching craigslist for 4 months to get this deal Blum 3 I'm still keeping an eye out for a dresser.

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Oh, I can't wait to see!! Gotta love a good deal!

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How exciting! Glad it worked out perfect for you!

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That's great! I can't wait to see pictures!! I have seen nothing remotely worth it on my craigslist lol.

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Yay for Craigslist, baby thrift stores, and other good deals for savvy moms! Congrats! Biggrin

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wow krystal, congratulations!!

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Wow you hit a major SCORE with that!!!!! Yay for craigslist! I just bought a moby wrap brand new off CL for $20 Smile

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Nice! Can't wait to see what you got!

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Wow, you got a really good deal! Can't wait to see pics Smile