Got a tour of L&D today...

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Got a tour of L&D today...

even though I didn't really want one this early. Around noon DS and I were at Walmart getting groceries...we were in the checkout line and all of a sudden I felt a gush. I almost passed out because it scared me so bad, I started shaking, thinking my water had broken. I started throwing things in the cart and we hightailed it to the bathroom. There was the normal type of yellowish creamy discharge I get (TMI, sorry) on the pantiliner but there was just a LOT of it. We went home and I was still kinda freaking out because I have been having this rock-hard tight belly a lot, so I was thinking it was all related.

So I call my doc and they tell me to go to L&D to get checked, since my dr. is already gone for the day. I went to L&D, they gave me a urine test and 2 different types of tests (nitrizine? strip and a swab) to check for amniotic fluid- all came back negative. I was there about an hour and a half while they monitored the baby and me for contractions. BG (Baby Girl) was fine the whole time, she was dancing a jig in there and even had the hiccups...I could feel them AND hear them on the monitor, it was so funny. I didn't have any real contractions, just a couple of instances of what they call "irritability" but they weren't concerned. Apparently it was just vaginal discharge that came out but man, it scared the crap out of me.

So that is my drama for the day, and hopefully no more for a while.

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Yikes ! I would have freaked out! Glad you went to get checked. Whew!

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Wow, that would have scared the heck out of me! I'm glad you got checked and everything is okay. Smile

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So glad to hear everything is ok...sorry you had such a scare!!

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I'm glad everything is ok. I would have been worried too!

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Kim that's so strange and would certainly freak me out, too! I've been hearing a lot about this large amount of vaginal discharge from a lot of women on here, and I think I would start crying if it happened to me! Glad you and baby girl are all OK!

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Glad everything's okay! We've had a lot of L&D visitors this week!

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I understand this completely!! I was at work and this happened to me. Only it was a clear, somewhat slimy fluid that I had. And I felt a small gush as well. I totally freaked out! I told them I had to leave because I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid, called the doc (this was at 10am) and he got me in right away. Did all the testing with the strips and stuff and everything came back negative. I was so relieved. I have never been so scared in all my life. The worst part was this all happened on the one year anniversary of when we lost our baby last year. I just kept praying "Dear Lord, not again please." I was scared out of my mind.

So glad that everything turned out okay for you and your baby girl. How cute that you got to hear her hiccups!!

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How scary!!! I'm glad you got checked out and everything is okay, what a relief!

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I'm so glad you and BG are ok, I would have been scared too.