Great changes! (long)

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Great changes! (long)

DH quit his job!!!

I got a surprise promotion and nice raise at my job :D:D
And after our after-school-care nightmare, DH and I sat down and made some cha..cha..cha..changes!!!

DH's work schedule was Tue-Sat 10-7. That meant he was not home until 7:30 and since I work from home I have been doing EVERYTHING! Don't get me wrong, he is a great helper and always did the house work and put DS to bed, but I had to make sure DS got on the bus, picked him up from school, homework, take him to: soccer practice, swim lessons, speech therapy and feed him dinner. Being a working mom & preggo it was really getting to me. That's why I started to hate my job, it seemed like I could never keep up because I was so worried about all the stuff I had to do at home. And we had no time to get ready for baby Sad

DH has hated his job for many reasons and he has always wanted to go back school and get his Masters.

OMG it is sooooo awesome!!!!! Everyday he takes great care of DS, does his homework with him, takes him to all his appointments, cleans AND I have dinner waiting for me when I get home!!! Since my job is flexible, I can now go into work when I want and come home when I want. I seriously love my job now that I actually have time to do it well (who knew?) I LOVE THIS & DS Loves having daddy home! I have time to go out with friends and we have dinner together every night as a family!!!!

He will wait to start school until after baby is born.

Anyway, I had to share!! I love these changes Dirol

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Congrats on what sounds like to be some awesome changes for you!!!

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Sounds like everything's going perfect!

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That is wonderful news!! Congratulations to you on your promotion and raise and YAY that your hubby gets to stay home with your son. Sounds like a win/win situation Smile

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yay! Congrats on getting promoted and congrats on dh getting more time with the kiddos!!

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That's awesome news - congrats for great changings!

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Congratulations on the promotion! That's great your husband is now able to stay home with the kids.

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That's so awesome! I love to hear about this! My DH and I are planning something similar after baby comes, in February or so, he will quit and stay home with the kids. I want to show him your post. Woohoo! So happy it is working out so well for you guys (I work from home too). I'm hoping to have a similar story in a few months. Smile

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Congratulations Amy!! WOO-HOO!! Sounds amazing Biggrin And something you both really needed.

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That sounds wonderful! I'm am so glad your family found it's groove!

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That's so wonderful for you! Congratulations!!

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Amy that is wonderful!!!!!!

DH is also a SAHD and I love it. It makes it so much easier on the working mommy.

Congrats on your raise and promotion too Smile Way to go sugar momma!

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This is such great news! Congrats!!