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GTT Question

Sorry I've been pretty much MIA lately but I was gone for a week, home for work, then gone again, home this week to work and will be gone yet again next week! But I did fit in my 24 week appointment in there somehow. Everything was great and I'm supposed to do my 2 hour GTT test before my next appt but I had a question mostly bc I'm just curious.

My OB said they do a fasting glucose level first before I drink the stuff and if I have higher than 92 I have already failed and to remind them so they don't make me do the test. The base also does a fasting glucose level before our first appt and if you are high you fail and are put on four times a day finger testing immediately. Anyways, Is the fasting level fail thing normal for the GTT test or just something weird the base does?

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My doc is doing this same test for me too. The midwife told me that back in May, they moved away from the 1 hour/ 3 hour tests and they only do one test now, but it is more of an actual "test" rather than a "screening", which is how they described the other tests. She told me that the fasting level is to weed out the true diabetics and get them treated before giving them a bunch of sugary drinks, which would be really detrimental anyway. I have to fast for 8 hours (torture!) and I will schedule my test near the end of the month. When do you have to get yours?

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We still do the 1/3 hour ones but I think the reasoning behind your GTT is good. Good luck I hope you pass!

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My doctor does the 1 hour and then 3 hour if you fail the 1. Personally I think the way your doctor does it is a much better approach. It can always be hit or miss with either test. We have patients at work who are diabetic but their fasting sugar is in the normal range some mornings and sky high the next.

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That sort of makes sense to me. My whole family is Diabetic, including my 22 yr old brother, it would be very bad if you drank that glucose drink without a fasting first.

I have been with my dr for years so she already knew my fasting sugar. I have no idea if she would have done the fasting if she never had. Sounds smart though.

Good luck!!!!

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Last summer they had me do the 1 hour test there. Doing a fasting glucose first level makes more sense though. The fruit punch flavor wasn't too bad tasting (just don't read the label, it'll make you gag lol). And ummm...they made me sit in the waiting room off of the labs area twiddling my thumbs. Pretty sure I was texting you for part of it. lol

ETA: Apparently the 2 hour GTT catches the majority of gestational diabetes cases. I know that it was common to fail the 1 hour and have to come back to do the 3 hour test. Why try and schedule all these people for two tests when a single 2 hour test works? Plus it gets those that are affected back on track faster. Fasting levels I think are supposed to be under 100, though I've seen mention of 90 before.

My glucose reading was one of those random pieces of information I got to read when I got my copy of my records for moving. I wasn't close to failing. I doubt if you're in any danger of failing it, just in danger of extreme boredom. Wink

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Carrie - I have to get mine just sometime before my 28 week appointment on the 29th. I'm calling tomorrow to schedule it hopefully. Last time the phone just rang for about 5 minutes. :rolleyes: They are supposed to schedule it in the AM according to my OB so the 8 hour fast isn't so bad but my ob did say to eat a snack or something right before you start the fast because going too long without anything can actually raise your glucose level too.

Jackie - She told me to bring a good book or something Smile

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My doc's office has always done the one hour test, and if you fail then they make you do the three hour test. Well on my last appt when they gave me the paperwork to go get tested, she told me that they automatically always do the two hour test now because the one hour test was always so inconclusive and would yeild false positives. So now I'm stuck doing the two hour test next week and keeping my fingers crossed that I pass... because that three hour test sucks!!