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Has anyone cut their baby's hair yet? We're planning on cutting our boy's hair soon since he has managed a major bald spot and baby mullet with 2 inches of hair on top!

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Haha! Ryan has a bald spot with a 1 inch mullet too. I don't think we'll cut it anytime soon - his hair is so fine. And it's still short on the top. He looks real funny from behind though.

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My Ryan has a bald strip on the back of his head because he likes to rub his head on the back of his swing/bouncer seat! But I couldn't bring myself to cut his hair because I love his mohawk that he's His hair on his head sticks straight up. It's kinda become his signature and I think our families would kill us if we cut it.

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Elaina barely has any hair Sad she has a bald spot on the back, the strip of longer hair below it, amd fuzz on top! Poor child. Lol!

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"_Jessicah_" wrote:

My Ryan has a bald strip on the back of his head because he likes to rub his head on the back of his swing/bouncer seat!

This is Trystan's hair as well! DH says he looks like a monk lol! I won't be cutting his hair anytime soon though. With my other two boys they got their first haircuts around their first birthday. I was thinking about this the other day though... I'll have to wait and see if I'll actually cut his hair around that time. I don't know what it is... maybe it's because he's my baby and he's my last I don't know if I'll cut his hair or let it grow out Justin Beiber style (lol)!! DD turned three in December and scissors have not once touched her hair! I'm letting hers grow to her butt and maybe then I'll cut it!

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Finn is not winning any prizes for hairstyle anytime soon Smile Has the monk look as well...long around bottom edges but fuzz on top, plus back bald spot and this small tuft of longer hair on the top left side that sticks up like a little duck tail.

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Luke has the bald spot and mullet too, but no cutting here. We don't cut till at least 1 year old. Ds1 got the mullet/bald spot too. It all came back in though eventually. He got his first hair cut around 2. DD has only had her bangs cut and she is 2.5.

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There is no hair to cut! She lost it all! DS did the same thing. I didn't cut his hair until he was over 2.

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Claire's is full on top and the right side, thin on the left, and she had a bald strip in the back. Plus the top is curly and likes to stand up. She looks so funny. Lol. I probably won't cut it for awhile.

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We ended up cutting a little today. It doesn't look like he got a haircut we just sort of fixed things up a tiny bit!

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Aww I'm glad the haircut went well!! Smile my poor LO has a bit more fuzz now, but her bald spot is TERRIBLE, I feel bad about it!

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Andrew needs a cut but I don't want too!! ((insert tantrum here)))

So since DH probably won't attempt to come near him with scissors he won't get a cut for quite a while. He hasn't developed a bald spot but all my other kids did.