Harper's birth story

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Harper's birth story

Harper Helen
December 7, 2011
10lbs 1oz
22 1/2in.

On Monday, I went in for my 40 week appt. I was huge and miserable and hoping to convince my OB to give me a date that she'd induce on if I didn't go into labor on my own. I had been sitting at 1cm and 50% effaced since 36 weeks with no change.
So, I'm waiting for the nurse to call me, and instead, the ultrasound tech calls me back for my sono. Sono? I was confused, but happy to get to see my baby again. The u/s tech tells us that my OB wants to measure her size one last time. She's measured and estimated to weigh a whopping 10lbs 3oz! I nearly passed out. At our 36w u/s she was estimated to weigh 7lbs6oz, so I was thinking this new u/s had to be off by about a pound or so.
So we go back to the exam room and wait for my doctor, and when she comes in, she immediately asks if I'd be willing to go ahead and have a c-section because of baby's size. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Here I was thinking shed want to induce me in a few days and she was talking about a c-section! I was so confused. I asked DH what he thought I should do and he of course said to have the c/s and get her out quick. So before I made any decisions I had OB check my cervix---no change from last week, still 1cm, ugh!
My OB told us that I DID have the option to start an induction by first doing a couple rounds of cytotec to see if my cervix would soften and if I'd possibly go into labor on my own. This seemed like the best option to me....I couldn't just jump into a major surgery with my first baby on just an "estimate" that she was over 10lbs. I had to at least try. DH thought I was crazy but I made up my mind and we were told to check into hospital on Tuesday at 4pm.
So we get to the hospital and get checked in and hooked up to everything. First dose of cytotec given at 6pm. They checked me right after and I was at 1cm and 70%. Random contrax start showing up on monitor but at this point I didn't feel them. The baby was doing great and was incredibly active--so much for resting! They gave me the 2nd round of cytotec at 12:30am and within 30 minutes I was in pain, nothing severe but definitely uncomfortable.
By about 4:30am, I was*pretty uncomfortable, so they decide to check me at about 5am...I was at about 1 1/2cm, ugh. So they suggest starting pitocin, I say okay. They start the pitocin at around 5:45am and the real pain started. By 8am I was miserable and waiting on my OB to come and check me. They offer some IV pain medicine to take the edge off and I say go for it. That stuff definitely took the edge off, but made me totally loopy! The doctor gets there, checks me, and decides to break my water--craziest feeling ever! And OMG, pain to follow!
After that the contrax were coming hard every 2 minutes. It was crazy because I was doped up on pain meds so I would fall asleep and then a contraction would wake me up every two minutes or so...it was a vicious cycle. This went on until about 4pm, when they checked me again. I thought for sure I had dilated more, but was only at 3cm. The nurses called my OB, who told them to ask me my thoughts on c/s. I said go ahead and after that it was like a blur. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me a ton of questions and gave me the run down of how surgery would go. The nurses got everything ready and within about 30 min (I think---my concept of time was somewhat off at this point) I was walking into the OR to get my spinal and have the baby! It's kinda funny, I'm normally a really high strung person and thought for sure I'd be hysterical about having a c/s but I was surprisingly calm. My mom was crying and everyone kept saying things like "it will be okay, Katie", but I was totally cool. I just wanted to see my baby.
So they get me all hooked up and ready to go, and finally John comes into the OR...such a relief. It seemed like forever that I laid there and finally I felt the pressure on my belly that they warned me about. I heard my OB say "Here she comes!" and in the next few seconds I heard her cry...the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. The first thing my OB said was "Yeah, she's probably 10lbs!" and John started snapping pictures to show me. They finished up with me and John said that I was back in recovery within 20 minutes. They brought Harper back to nurse and I just cried.
My BP was up way high during labor and I tested positive for proteins so I had to be put on magnesium sulfate, which made my hospital stay 4 days. We've been home for 2 days, and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at times, but overall we are doing well. She doesn't latch well at all so that's been a struggle. And my milk still hasn't come in fully. On top of that, I'm super sore from the c-section and I move around like an 80 year old. My mom is here and John has been a huge help. We are so in love with our little girl. I have posted lots of pics on FB so I'm sure a lot of you have seen her, but I will post the link to her newborn photos soon! Smile

And thank you so much for leaving all the kind words on my baby watch thread and FB. Sorry I haven't replied, but it means a lot to me! Smile I am trying really hard to get caught up!

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Wow what a long and hard time you had! I was that calm with my first c-section too. I am so glad that you guys are doing well. I am sorry her latch isn't good. I can relate to that and know how frustrating it can be. Congratulations again!

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awww congratulations Katie! I hope you are on the road to recovery and feel better soon. Have you seen a lactation consultant about Katie's latch? It may help.

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Wow that is quite a birth story! Congrats on your 'little' girl!

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What an experience!! Sorry to hear that she's not latching as well as you would like. I hope that you start to feel more your age here soon!

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What a wonderful birth story (even though you had to go the c-section route!)!!! Congrats on the birth of your big baby girl!!

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Thanks everyone!

Angela - I saw a couple different lactation consultants at the hospital that helped me get her latched. They (along with my nurses) seemed to agree that she was a very impatient baby, lol. Like, her problem seems to be that she latches for a couple seconds and when nothing comes out she gets mad and frustrated. She doesn't want to have to work for her food when it's been just given to her for the last 9 months, lol. I've been pumping and supplementing with formula since my milk still isn't in. And they told me that with her starting off big shed probably want to eat more. Breast feeding is definitely harder than I thought it would be.

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Katie it sounds like you are doing exactly what your mommy instincts are telling you to do! I did the same thing with Nicholas because he was showing signs of dehydration at 3 days old. Keep up the good work Smile

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Awww I can not wait to see the pic's of your lil one.. CONGRATS!!!

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Congrats again Katie! That's a wonderful birth story. So great you took it in stride Smile

Reading it makes me feel a new sense of urgency in wanting to see my girl & getting to hear her cry for the first time.

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Congrats! And as the mom of another really big newborn eating all the time is definitely the norm here. Do what you need to do to feed her Smile Rory is still eating every 1-2 hours but he did give me an almost 4 hour stretch for the first time last night! Smile

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Oh wow, Katie! I didn't realize you had had a c-section...I know how that feels- but believe me, the pain will lessen soon, and I'm sorry you're having issues with BFing, bless your heart! Hang in there! Congratulations on your new baby girl, can't wait to see pics!!