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Anyone else having headaches? I am having them for about a week now. Nothing is making them better....not that I have tried a lot. Help, it hurts!

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Make sure you are drinking enough water. That is the number one reason I get headaches. Did you give up caffeine or cut way back on it? That can cause headaches too. I get them a good bit and two tylenol plus a bunch of water usually helps a little. I hope you feel better.

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Me too. Nothing helps, I try extra strength Tylenol but it doesn't do much. Sometimes a dark, quiet room and nap helps a tiny bit, but usually I just have to wait it out. It sucks doesn't it!!! Sad

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I got them really bad with the first time. This time I only get them if I forget to take my vitamins. Last time I told my OB and she gave me a prenatal with extra iron and it helped alot. But it's probably not the case for everyone... sorry you have to have them. I feel for you. it's so frustrating.

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No, thank God... hope you feel better!

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Yep - and even worse - I get migraines. I had 3 last week alone. Nothing has helped the dull headaches or the migraines so far. My OB did finally break down and give me a Rx for the migraines but I get no relief from the other headaches.

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I have been having a lot of dull headaches but yesterday morning I had a small migraine. Before I was pregnant I relied on Excedrin Migraine for most of my headache so my OB actually suggested a small amount of caffeine and two extra strength tylenol which I tried for the first time yesterday. Didn't stop the headache completely but took the edge off enough that I could ignore it and make through the work day.

The other suggestion I've had made to me is seeing a chiropractor which I haven't tried but will if my headaches continue to get worse.