Heard the heartbeat!

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Heard the heartbeat!

I had my second appointment this morning and it went great! My doctor (which I LOVE!) did a general physical, then felt my uterus and said it felt right for around 11 weeks. We went over all sorts of medical history etc and then at the end she pulled out the doppler. I was so excited since I had never heard the heartbeat before!! She found it right away and it was so fast. Sounded like a little horse galloping away. She asked if I had a phone that could record it and I took a video for DH! So cool! I left the office with a huge smile Smile

On Saturday we are having an elective ultrasound and if it checks out fine we will finally tell people. I am starting to show a little, especially later in the day, and I think some of our close friends might start to notice. So excited!!

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Congrats to you on a great appt!

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That's great! How awesome of her to think to tell you to record it. I felt weird asking my OB if I could video the u/s with my phone - but he was happy to let me do it.

Sounds like a great OB.

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Sounds great!!

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Yay! Isnt it the best sound ever! Congrats on your awesome appt!

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So glad you got to hear the heartbeat!! Glad your appointment went well.

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YAY! I just love 'feelgood' appts!

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Yay! Congrats, that all sounds great! Smile