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Hello ladies! It seems to be a tight-knit family here (you all seem to know each other well), but I'm sure newbies are welcome to just jump right in. In that case--

I have a wedding to attend in two weeks. I have this beautiful dress I bought that goes perfectly with heels my mother got for me. I mean...perfect. My question is--is it totally taboo to wear heels while pregnant? I plan on bringing a main pair of shoes to wear--I just want the heels for pictures, I swear they were made for this dress. I've only had mild swelling of my ankles; the shoes still fit perfectly.

Then again I don't know what sort of comfortable shoes would go with the dress! It's so...different, I don't know if mary janes will do...? I can post a pic if anyone is interested.

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Not taboo that I know of. I have friends and coworkers that wore them throughout their pregnancies.

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I've worn them plenty of times this pregnancy, but it is harder to last all day in them than it used to be! I haven't worn them at all for about a month now.

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I say go for it! I have a pair of high heel boots that I love to wear and I wore them in my first pregnancy- just be careful, us preggy ladies can be a little clumsy and off balance sometimes, as you may know! Wink I would def. change into your comfy shoes if your feet or legs start hurting/swelling.

Welcome, by the way, and congrats on your pregnancy!

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I think the reason why they don't recommend high heels is just because your balance isn't the greatest when you are pg. I would wear them for sure for pictures Smile and you are already smart bringing the back-up.

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I agree with the other ladies and I say if you can wear them then do it!

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Welcome to the board and congrats on twins! Wow, two ladies expecting twins!

I can't walk in heels when I'm not pregnant lol, so that would be a bad idea for me. But I would say you should go for it if it isn't a problem for you! Take a pair of ballet flats to change into if/when necessary...

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Rock 'em girl!! And welcome to December Smile

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Wow, thanks all! I feel a bit better about wearing them now; for some reason I had it in my head that people would wonder just what the heck I'm doing.

Also, Sugspop--ballet flats!! Why didn't I think of that! I have these awesome flat boots, and while they match colour-wise, they don't match the dress at all. I'm gonna go get some comfy ballet flats, thanks. Smile

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I just wanted to say hello and welcome!

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I wore a slinky black dress and heels to a wedding a few weeks ago and I felt like a million bucks! I say wear them...just have your DH or SO on your arm if you have to navigate any bumpy or slippery terrain. Have fun!

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I say whatever makes you comfortable!!

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I've been wearing heels a few times a week... go for it! keep some cute flats in the car just in case Wink