He's got a cold:(

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He's got a cold:(

Poor baby.

Andrew has come down with something. He's got a stuffy nose and it makes it hard to sleep. It weird though b/c he had no trouble nursing. He's been lounging in a bouncy seat all day and it seems to help. Should I humidify his room tonight? What else can I do for him?

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Luke has a cold too Sad The pedi recommended a cold mist humidifier. They called him in a script for some antibiotic nose drops to help with the stuffiness, because it was interfering with his nursing, so if you do have trouble you could see if they will do that for him too. I hope he feels better fast.

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Ryan is stuffed up too but the doc said it's common and not necessarily a cold. She recommended saline nose drops for babies. You put them in Nd it loosens mucous and makes them sneeze, which gets rid of the stuffiness. It seems to be helping him. I heard the humidifier was good too.

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Thanks. I just put the humifier in there. i hope it helps. I'll have to get the saline drops at the store tomorrow if the humidifier doesn't work.

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Jonah got one too after a few weeks. I think with the older kids in the house it's tough to prevent!

We used a humidifier and we put a huge pillow under his crib mattress to elevate it, that all seemed to help.

Poor guy!

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Trystan too! Yes, I have been running a cold mist humidifier in our room for him (not that it seems to be helping much), and suctioning out his nose with a bulb whenever he needs it (which pees him off pretty good!). Like you said though, he doesn't have any trouble nursing, it's just when he's sleeping. I folded one of his bigger blankets up into a pillow shape and propped him up in his basinnet, and he's sleeping so much better that way!

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liam has a cold too thanks to his siblings. dh just bought this aspirator last night and its AWESOME. seriously worked so much better than any other one we've used


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Well we are joining the world of baby colds too. Was your baby's snot green? Emily's is Sad

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Yep. Andrews is too. I think it's on the way out Yahoo sleeping inclined with the cool mist humidifier has been pretty helpful.

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Sophia has a stuffy nose too. We have been using a humidifier.
She had a lot of mucous after the c-section. Quite common in c-section and vaginal birth babies. It has stayed around- I actually read in one of my pregnancy/newborn books to put either the saline or Breastmilk drops in the nose. BM contains the antiviral and antibacterial properties- and it soothes the mucous membranes. Generally they say its quite common for them too have stuffy noses or rattle like noise. If they have goopy eyes and runny nose then more likely its a cold.
Sophie does have the thick green/yellow tinge snot/mucous. She is generally good during the day, but at night she gets stuffier.

The nurse that came and did the second home visit yesterday also recommended the breastmilk in the nose and the humidifier. Have her in the bathroom when someone takes a shower, and raise the top of her bed, etc. She said it should go away soon.

Everyone is washing hands here all the time lol