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Hi Ladies,
I know I am never on here anymore. I rarely have time to get on the computer and play. I post to FB a lot from my phone, which is by far the most convenient, but this website is SUPER slow on my phone and not worth the hassle bc it is hard to type on my phone! I'm glad we have the group on FB.

These days are just so busy and a bit overwhelming for me. I thought it was hard having a baby, but having a baby and a preschooler is WAY harder than I ever imagined. Most days, if I have any free time whatsoever, I'm choosing between eating, pumping, taking a shower etc.

If we aren't already friends on FB, we should be! haha.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well, and maybe I will get more into a schedule soon so I have more me time.. god knows I need it!

Mayleigh is doing well. She went from 7 lbs and the 25% at 2 weeks to 12 lbs 9 oz and the 90% at her 2 month check up yesterday! So despite our BF'ing issues, she seems to be getting plenty to eat haha.

Anyway, I'll try to pop on more often when I can!

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Hey Jules! I know we're already friends on fb but it's good to hear from you on here as well! I am curious though... How do you pronounce your daughters name?

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Like the month May and Lee put together. Goes with Bailey Smile

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Hi Jules! I know how it is....Allyson has been sleeping like crapola lately during the day so I have not had much time either. I saw you wrote on another post that your son is watching a lot of TV- I hear ya on that, my poor son has become very familiar with Super Mario bros. on the Wii, ha ha! Glad Mayleigh is doing well!

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Jules - I could have written this post verbatim. I use my phone 9 times out of 10 so posting isn't easy at all. And when I have "free" time I'm straightening up something or sterilizing bottles or pump stuff or peeing. LOL Its funny how my free time only includes chores these days.

I'll be back online like normal at the end of March, LOL.