Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Anyone else still hanging around here? Smile how are the babies...toddlers now I guess!! Any fun updates?

E is finally walking confidently and has a few words! "Puppy" is her favourite (followed by "woof woof!") when she sees a dog. She loves pointing out birds and loves to watch them (she also says they say "woof woof" too lol). She says "hiii!" to everyone we pass in the store or on the street, and if they don't reply she will try again - "HIIII!!!!!" hahaha! She may not be saying too much but she understands SO MUCH, it totally blows me away. I can ask her to do things, get things, put things away, etc etc and she knows what I mean. She surprises me too when I am talking to DH - she is listening intently! The other day I asked him to find me some socks and E ran off and came back with one for me!! She's still nursing even though I am 28 weeks pregnant now (another girl!!) and I haven't had milk for a couple months. I hope this means she will continue right through and then I can tandem nurse. She is still pretty dependent on milk (lost some weight when my milk dried up which was not good!) and her immunity seems to have been hit hard...she has caught every bug that has come her way since I lost my milk Sad

Anyway what is new with all of you?

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Glad to hear things are going well with you and little girl (soon to be big sister! :)).

DS is running, dancing, and climbing, but not saying words yet. Babbles up a storm, sings, and signs a few words though. His receptive language is pretty good too. I keep hoping someday soon he will surprise me with an obvious "mama" or other word. He has his 15 month peds appt on Monday and I was really hoping he would be talking before then since I know they will ask.

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Wow, I can't believe you'll have another little girl soon! So exciting!
All is well here, DS is starting to say a lot of things including dog ("dooooouuuuuug"), bird, byebye, mama, dada, and all sorts of other jibber jabber which may or may not be interpreted as words. He is such a little monkey and loves to climb everything, which gives me a headache trying to keep him safe. He recently learned how to feed himself using a fork and now loves doing that, and he's so proud everytime he manages to get food in his mouth.
DS still nurses as well but my milk has also dried up a lot. I'm ok with it though - I have tons of frozen breastmilk I have started giving him, and I was on medication to keep up my supply which I have now finally stopped. I have not noticed him getting more colds so far thank god, but he's not in daycare so I'm sure that makes all the difference. We want to start trying for a little brother/sister this summer so I hope my period will finally return now that the nursing is winding down.