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At first I thought it was little kicks, but then I noticed that they were happening about 5 seconds apart and feel very consistent, almost rhythmic. Then it dawned on me that it's probably hiccups! I've read that I might notice this pretty soon but I think tonight was the first time. So neat Smile

Anyone else's baby(or babies) getting hiccups?

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I thought I might have noticed some, but they didn't last longer than five or six very rhythmic bumps. I wasn't sure if that was long enough to be considered hiccups? However the last one I felt was still in rhythm but lighter, so I thought baby might have been moving away but kept hiccuping?

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Yep, sounds like baby hiccups Smile I haven't felt them yet but I think they're kinda neat. Other people say they bother them but I never minded them. My other babies had them all the time, like several times a day. Very cool that you're feeling them already!

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My DS never had the hiccups in there and I have yet to experience any with this one! How cool though! How long did they last?

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Yep, baby Trystan has definitely had the hiccups... about every other day! It's the sweetest feeling!

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