Holy surprise, Batman

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Holy surprise, Batman

Hi guys!

It took 2 yrs and every fertility treatment known in science to conceive my boy/girl twins (now 5yo)... imagine our shock when--OOPS!--I got a completely unexpected and unplanned BFP this month (who knew my body actually worked??? I thought it was all dusty and broken in there).

I've been on the Nov 2011 board, but had my Dr. appt on Friday and they put me in the first week in December. By my estimations I'm maybe 5 wks. However... they only saw the sac... it was empty. Sad The doctor gave us a 50/50 chance. Kind of uncool after I took 10 (yes 10) + HPTs.

Can't wait to get to know you guys!! Smile :)

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I'm sending prayers and vibes your kiddo is just shy and will get over it for your next U/S! :bighug:

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Congratulations! Sorry for the grim appt. Praying on the best for you

If you're only 5 wks isnt that what the u/s should look like? They usually dont see a HB until about 6 wks right? Thats what I thought. I'm probably wrong. Still thinking sticky baby thoughts for you. You deserve it.

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Congrats and welcome to December!! Yahoo

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This has got to be Susan (Vegas 29). We used to be on the TTC For The First Time Grads Board! A big congrats to you and best of luck!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!!! I agree, if you're only 5 weeks you're not going to see too much!

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congrats and my fingers are crossed for you!

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YES!! I used to be Vegas29!!! Smile :) Smile I haven't been here in forever!

Bloodwork back from Friday, HCG was 7000, Progesterone 40. Waiting for test from yesterday to see if the #s doubled. I HATE WAITING!!! BAH.

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My 3 mo old son was the same, I went in at 5 wks and they saw 2 empty sac's and when we went back the next week we saw a heartbeat in 1 and the other I ended up bleeding a little, it never developed. T & Ps your way that you will see a heartbeat next u/s.

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Congratulations and try not to worry too much yet. You are still SO early. There isnt much to see yet. I think only seeing the sac is perfectly normal at this stage. Crossing my fingers for great doubling numbers for you.

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I agree with everyone else that it's really early! Congratulations on your BFP's!
Hope you get to see a nice big jump in those numbers!