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The honest company

Has anyone heard of the honest company started by Jessica alba. They carry a line of all natural products including diapers You get them shipped to your house monthly. DH saw them on foxnews and wanted me to check them out. Very environmentally friendly but a bit more expensive than normal diapers.

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I haven't heard of it. What's the link?

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Here's the link:

I like the idea, but I can't afford to spend any more on diapers! I swear BF babies poop so much more than FF babies do, I go through 1 1/2 bags of diapers a week!

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Hmmmm. I checked out the ingredients on the skin care stuff and I'm not that impressed. And yeah even with only disposable diapering some of the time, I still don't want to spend any more $$$ on them haha!!

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Never heard of, tfs!