How to avoid a baby shower

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How to avoid a baby shower

So the other shower thread reminded me, but I did not want to hijack....

OK, so this is my second pregnancy. A friend offered to throw me a shower, I said no thanks. She is cool with that. I have everything I need (second DD), and the last thing I want is more stuff- we have way too much already.

Well, some of the girls at work have asked if anyone is throwing me one. I said no, but that was because I don't want one, for the reasons stated above. The response I got "Well, you wern't at this school when you had you first daughter". So I think they are throwing me one.

I REALLY don't want one. (besides there is a wierd dynamic at this school, and I am not a school employee, I work directly for the school board and I am a 'guest' in thie building ((as told by the principal))

Is there a nice way to curb this, or do you think I am stuck?

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They will probably do a suprise shower. I would say just put on a happy face and you can just return what you don't want for gift cards. They want to do something nice, I'd say let them if they go through all of the trouble.

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My first thought was that they would do a surprise shower regardless. I say just grin and bear it and enjoy it as much as possible.

Or just find out when it is and call in sick that day, lol!

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Or just do a diaper shower. Everybody needs diapers Smile I am all about diaper showers if you don't want a real

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Yes, diapers!!!! You will need them for sure!!!

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Yep, I agree with diapers and wipes. At least if you agree to the shower but say.. only diapers/wipes please then you will get what you need and they will feel good too. Sometimes its more about the giving then the receiving and it will make them feel good to think they made you happy.

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Like Jessicah said, if they're dead set on throwing you one, just let everyone know that you don't need ANYTHING except diapers. Let them know which brand you prefer, and at least you'll walk away with a couple hundred dollars worth of diapers!! Every new mom could use that!!

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If someone wanted to do a shower or get me something I could REALLY use, I would like them to hire a housekeeper to come in at the end of my pregnancy to give the house a good cleaning before baby comes. And send over a ton of food that I can freeze and eat. That by far would be the most helpful thing on the planet!

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Thanks! I will try the diapers route. I am blessed to have such great co-workers, but I feel bad having them buy stuff for me what none of us have gotten a raise in 4 years! It is nioce to be loved, though!

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Oooh! That food idea was really good! It was so helpful to have people bring us food after the first child. It might be hard to suggest it as a baby shower gift, though...