How long was your labor?

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How long was your labor?

I keep getting asked how long my labor was. I am not sure. They made it a point of telling me I was NOT in active labor even though my water was broken. I am not sure when my labor actually started. The best I can guess it was 4 hours. I remember the contractions starting to hurt after 5pm and I delivered at 9:14. But???? I have no idea.

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With DS it was 53 hours start to finish. I figured the OB couldn't consider it real labor until my water broke or something but I have a copy of my chart to take t the hospital and even they have it as 53 hours. 13 hours with epidural - freaking expensive BTW. LOL

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I'm not sure when they start counting. If its when I go to hospital then first time it was 3 hrs. Second time was 6 hours. Third was about 6. Fourth was 4 hours. And finally one hour.

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From when my water kind of broke- ~7hrs 45min
From when I noticed strong contrax sporadically at home- ~11hrs
From when I got the epi- ~2 hrs

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From the first contraction that was intense and painful enough so that I knew this was the real deal to delivery, 30 hours. Don't want to think about how long it was if you count the not-so-strong ones before that!

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I was admitted to the hospital on Monday at 3:30 and didn't have her until Wednesday at 12:07, but I didn't really start having major labor pains until after they broke my water, so from that point until she was born was probably about 23 hours.

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I noticed contractions around 4pm, I knew they were really labor contractions- I could time them and they were increasing in strength around 11pm I got to the hospital around 2:15 they broke my water around 2:45am and he was born at 3:15am. So 11 hours at the longest and about an hour from the time we got to the hospital

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12 hours the first time... Woke up at 4am with contractions every several minutes that took off from there.

This time they broke my water... Took 4 hours from there. Sure beats 12!

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I think I was in early labour with weak contractions for days but once the induction was started it took 6 hours. They said my cervix was "favorable" to induction (effaced and dilating) that's why it was so quick.

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From when they started the pitocin, 7 1/2hrs. With ds I count from when my water broke so 13I hrs

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If I count from when they broke my water, 4 hours. The contractions I had before that were all pitocin-induced and not painful at all. Everything really started when they broke my water at 1:30PM, and he was born at 4:53PM.

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About 15-20 hours from when things first started ramping up. (First, when I asked that my boyfriend not race home, but also that he not take forever at work. And then when I asked him to take care of all small talk and human interaction for me because I did not have the energy to focus on bullpoop like that.)
About 10 hours from when (one of) my waters broke.
About 9 hours from OMG PAIN.
About 8 hours from the epidural.

Oh wait, do we count these things to birth? Or these things until push time. So subtract like an hour or so if it's to push time.