how many weeks am I?

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how many weeks am I?

I totally keep thinking I am 25 weeks.....I have no idea why. It is so disappointing to see my ticker, LOL!

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I can't forget because my patients ask me every single day how far along I am. Even though they all think I am like 7 months pregnant. One of them asked me if I was growing a sumo wrestler!

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LMAO that's too funny! That happened to me last week too, though... so don't feel too bad! I had to pull up the site on my phone to double check!

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How depressing to think you are further along than you really are - LOL.

I keep getting confused because a few of my iPhone pg apps give me info for the following week. Like now I am 21 weeks 1 day but they all say WEEK 22. I guess because I have completed 21 weeks and am technically in my 22nd week?!