I accidently drank a....

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I accidently drank a....

coffee/energy drink....DH had surgery this AM, someone handed it to me, so I drank it. My baby has been crying on and off all day and not napping Sad I hope it does not last long! Is the drink what caused his fussiness? Sad I feel horrible. And didn't need a fussy baby and a recovering husband. For me the biggest pain in the butt about nursing is having to second guess everything you eat!!!

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Agreed. I have questioned myself about everything...dairy, certain vegetables, diet sodas, chocolate, the list goes on. It seems like I am more careful now than I was when I was pregnant. I'm getting to the point where I just have to say "screw it" and just eat.

Sorry that you had a fussy baby Sad

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from what I am reading most babies don't react to foods we eat, however, some babies do. Maybe he's sensitive to caffeine?

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Ugh - let's hope if it did impact him it leaves your system soon and he'll be back to his old self! Don't be too hard on yourself... he will be just fine Smile

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Hm I don't question anything I eat or drink. I read on most BF'ing sites that it really doesn't matter and I figure logically people all over the world BF (in most places far more than we do) and they eat a wide variety of foods - spicy, different veggies etc etc. and they have less issues with colic etc. So I just eat.

Perhaps if you haven't had coffee all pregnancy and nursing though it did bother him being dramatically different - sounds logical enough? I drink coffee every morning and it has no impact on him but it's nothing different for us.

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I think caffeine makes Andrew spit up more. But there's no science behind that theory. Just my observation.

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"PAmom2boys" wrote:

I think caffeine makes Andrew spit up more. But there's no science behind that theory. Just my observation.

Yep this is what I think too.

But, Joy, I think it's fine. I don't think he would have too much of it in his milk this fast to be honest.

You can read this if you want though..


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I would say yes, he's absolutely reacting to what you drank. I would treat energy drinks like alcohol... OK to have every now and then, but it should be drank right after you BF and don't feed baby for at least three hours after (you don't need to pump and dump). I know you probably weren't even thinking about it though. I know Trystan also reacts to certain foods that I eat. I remember I made dinner with fresh garlic in it a few weeks after he was born, and he kept pulling away from my breast and making a sour face, so I know that's what it was, as he hasn't done that since then (and I stay away from garlic now lol). Hopefully it will pass soon!

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I try not to drink energy drinks at all while preggo or nursing...I thought it was just coffee because it said starbucks on it...when I was done I was awake enough to read the can....the ingredients were pretty much the same as Monster, with coffee.