I am beginning to think my Docs are....

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I am beginning to think my Docs are....

...well, let's not sling mud Wink LOL! And this is the "premier" doc's office in the area- all the doctor's kids and wives go here, etc....

So I have my 'regular' checkup yesterday, with a 'new' doc. (I am doing the rounds :rolleyes: ) My doc was on vacation alot at the beginning of the pregnancy, so I have not seen her much, but no biggie, right? Well, not so much. I am pretty sure that is how I "missed" the Rhogam shot when I should have gotten it. I think the docs don't really READ the charts when they see it is just a check-up with no complications...

And now, after seeing different docs, this is only the second time I have actuatly been measured. Well, now, aparently, I am measuring 6 weeks early! The doc says maybe my dates are off, but this kid was planned; I know my dates are right. We have an u/s scheduled for next Monday, and they made it a point to go back to MY doc (thankfully).

I know that there are women that barely/ never show and have perfectly healthy babies, but how is it I am "so far behind" and no one ever noticed? She (baby) has a very strong heartbeat, and I feel her move all the time, so it is really probably nothing to worry about, right?

Ughhh.... doctors.......

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So they say you are measuring 28 weeks? Or 40 weeks? That's crazy! I don't know how you ladies can stand seeing different docs every time. I'm not one to usually care about who sees me as long as they have a PhD but I would hate to never see my actual doc.

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I would be fighting mad also. Are they or have they given you an ultrasound lately? Would that help? If they measure the baby's bones and abdomen?

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I wouldn't worry until after the u/s. Different doctors measure differently with the fundal height so maybe this one just missed something.

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I'd be pretty upset. It would seem they aren't looking after you. I'd bring it up to the office manager.

Try not to worry about the babys size until the u/s. Maybe baby is just in an awkward position so your measuring small or big.

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6 weeks??!! That seems way too much time to be off! I can't to hear the results of thus u/s! I also agree with Amanda, that if you don't feel you're getting the care that you deserve at that office, don't stand for it and say something!!

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I'd be livid. I wish they would've given you an u/s sooner just for your piece of mind.

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Your doc situation sounds worse than mine! When is your u/s?

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pft, what are they thinking there?!?!?

I think it's horrible they are just sending you on through while missing shots & sizes, etc. I think it's a good idea that they are making it a point to send you back to your own ob.

Good luck at the u/s. I am a little confused about how they have you measuring as well, but if all of your LOs milestones are on track w/ the date you are sure about then all is probably well & that dr should just go kick rocks.

At least you get to see your LO again, right? KUP.

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6 weeks is alot!! Its easy to rationalize 2 or 3 weeks, but 6?? If you know your conception date they really can't argue with it. My ultrasounds have been all over the place in terms of "dates", but I KNOW I got pregnant on March 22 so it really doesn't matter what they say.

Its probably nothing to worry about, but if I was measuring 6 weeks off and was confident with my conception date I would want an US to make sure s/he was growing properly. It could just be something as simple as being measured incorrectly mixed with being dehydrated. (low fluid = smaller uterus measurement)

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The u/s is scheduled for next Monday. I think it is more of a "better safe then sorry" type thing, but still... 6 weeks? Hmmmm.... we will see. and I am DEFINATELY goining to bring up my care (or lack thereof) to my Doc (who I've known for years)!

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I'm glad the u/s is soon and hope you get some good answers quickly. You're definitely not getting the best care and I hope your other doctor can get that straightened out right away!!!