I ate pizza...shoot me!

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I ate pizza...shoot me!

It seemed like a good idea! I am dying now. The acid is so bad.

Is anyone else list of foods getting shorter and shorter? I cannot eat dairy, meat or red sauce. What does that leave???

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Ohhhh yeah, pizza is a killer with heartburn! Milk helps me with that but you said you couldn't do dairy, so maybe tums? I totally feel your pain...I get heartburn a lot, and from all kinds of foods too. Hope it doesn't keep you up too late.

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I'm pretty much down to super small meals, especially at night. Doc put me on Prilosec for heartburn & it is working great. I just get super full after I eat anymore. If I eat even a tad too much I feel like crap for hours!!

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I had pizza last night too and it sat with me for hours. My friend was over with her baby and her toddler and I couldn't even hold her baby because I was in so much pain. Then later came the heartburn. However, will I stop eating it, probably not. :rolleyes:

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The only time I've had a problem with heartburn is when I made tacos one night... but I just switched the type of seasoning that I used and that did the trick. There's really no food that I absolutely can't have, but I do have a whole bottle of tums in my cabinet just in case!

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Nope. I can eat anything and LOTS of it and no consequences...except for the added pounds Sad