I feel so sick today

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I feel so sick today

Last week I felt a little morning sickness coming on. I was very busy over the weekend and felt okay. All night last night I was feeling sick to my stomach and today I feel horrible. Everything smells bad, I have a metal taste in my mouth and everything I make to eat ends up not looking good by the time I am done cooking it. Sad I am glad I feel sick. And yet I can't wait to get through the other side!

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I have been feeling sick all day, too. As much as it's not fun, it's a great sign so enjoy it! Biggrin

I totally hear you on the food thing. Nothing looks good, smells good, tastes good, or sounds good!

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Oh I'm right there with you! I think the m/s has started for me. Literally just in the last few hours but it is constant and not letting up. And IIRC, in my previous pregnancies, it started around the 6 week mark. And here we are again Wink

But yep, I agree with you ladies, I am GLAD to be sick!! Bring on those high hormone levels, wooohooo!! This baby is staying put until December (or late November ;))!!

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I hope you ladies are feeling better.

Here I sit, 4 weeks pregnant TOMORROW...and SUPER NAUSEOUS! ughhhhhhhhh I was hoping for at least a week or two of feeling good but noooooo not the case. I can't help but have that "twin" word in the back of my mind :eek:

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Hi Joy!! So glad we are going through this journey again together (we were together on another birth board). So far no morning sickness for me. It didn't hit with my daughter until I was 8 weeks and then was relentless until almost 17 weeks! I am hoping this baby has mercy on me.