I tested early....

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I tested early....

And got this!

9dpo, line appeared within 2 minutes. EDD December 29th 2011!

I'm so excited!

A little about me:

I'm Angela, I have DH (Clif) and a handsome young son Nicholas who will be 22 months on the 24th. I've been around Dec11 for a while but I take forever to O so I wasn't even sure if I would be here. Now that I have a bfp I will be more active, it's hard getting attached to a board and having to leave. I am so excited to share this journey with you all!

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Congratulations. That looks great for 9 days!

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Congrats angela!!!
So happy for you.
sending sticky vibes

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Congrats! So glad you are staying!

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin

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Yay congratulations!

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Congrats!! SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU!!! HH9M!!!

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Congrats!! Smile

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Thanks guys so much! Here is a photo of a FRER holding it for 4 hours:

I have 1 more FRER, 1 more EPT IC, and 2 crappy ICs. I will be peeing on one each morning. I am also going to test the theory of OPKs as HPTs tomorrow morning too. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Right, you're going to test it. You already know it works but gotta love one more dark lovely line! Wink

So very happy for you!!!! And DH's reaction is priceless!

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Wooooohoooo!! Yay, so glad you get to stay here with us!! Congrats to you and HH9M! Yahoo

And yeah, those are fab lines for 9dpo!! Wowza.

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Congrats again!!!! Yahoo

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AHHHHHHHHHHH thank you guys so much! I didn't know Karen and Erin were stalking me! Smile SMEP (sort of) success!

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yay, angela!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo

so happy for you and your bfp!

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Woo hoo! I just KNEW this was going to be it for you! Smile Congratulations!

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Thanks so much Elizabeth and Amanda Smile

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Congrats! Biggrin

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Beautiful lines! Congrats!

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Thanks Smile

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Congrats Angela!!!!! I'm excited for you!!

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Thanks Renee.....How are you doing??? I was thinking about you the other day. :bigarmhug:

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Okay, I have no idea how I missed this, but CONGRATS!!!

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Yeah!!! Welcome to December... officially!

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Thanks girls Smile :) Smile