I think we've got names :)

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I think we've got names :)

Well, we definitely have a boy's name because DH wants to name the baby after his dad and brother, Robert Calvin. Yesterday, just by accident, we were talking while driving in the car and I think we came up with a girl's name, Evelyn Joy. We just like Evelyn and Joy is my mom's name. Opinions on the girl name? The boy name is non-negotiable, so I won't even ask about that...LOL.

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Love your girl pick! Very feminine and pretty.

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It's pretty, a little old fashioned for my taste though!

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I love Evelyn Joy!!!! Beautiful!

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I love it. I hear Evelyn and think of Fried Green Tomatoes. It is a really pretty name and sounds great with Joy.

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I like Evelyn Joy. Evelyn is just really romantic and elegant sounding. And I really love Joy, that is my middle name and one of our top picks for a girl middle name, too. Wink

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I love it! I especially love Evelyn.

We were talking names today too. After being so sure on our boy name, it might be changing too! Lol

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Classic names are always solid candidates. Nice!

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Yay for baby names Smile Evelyn is a pretty name!!!

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The "older" names are making such a comeback!! I think the names flows beautifully together.