I'm Home!!

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I'm Home!!

Hi everyone, thanks for the congrats and thoughts for DH. I was discharged today- thanks to my OBgyn- she was actually was on call early sunday morning so she did the c-section. They had told me at least 3 days hospitalization -not counting sunday as that was the surgery date.
But Monday morning she told me I will discharge you tomorrow as long as things are good. Everything is good- having quite a bit of pain today, so have some pain meds for home to take. It feels good to be home Smile

We ended up naming our little girl -Sophia Beatrice. Dh grandma was Beatrice and she passed away a couple weeks ago, so it holds a lot of meaning to him and his family. I told dh Saturday afternoon that we need to get the name figured out as we only had 6 days till the c-section. No knowing ] we only had a few hrs lol

Dh is doing well, he has been doing a lot of reading on vegus nerve - i guess they told him he may have an over active one.

I see that a lot of us seemed to have some babies over the past few days- congrats to all!!

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Welcome home . Love the name! Glad you're doing well. Smile

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Love her name! It's so good to be home.

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Beautiful name Smile so glad you're home and your DH is okay!!!

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Congratulations shannon! So glad everyone is doing well & you're back in the comfort of your own home.

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welcome home!!!

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Welcome home!! That's such a sweet name choice!