I'm leaving work...

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I'm leaving work...

Well it looks like my day has come!! My midwife has told me I need to stop working as soon as possible. My last day is Friday...then I'm done! I will get medical benefits until Elaina is born, then I get maternity benefits for one year from her birthday. I feel so lucky to live here where this is an option for me. I don't know how I could have kept going at work. It's hard enough knowing I still have five more days!! :rolleyes: I can't wait to start getting some much needed rest, eating better, and just preparing myself for childbirth and the baby.

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Congratulations!! That is so awesome. Enjoy your time off!

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That's awesome! I don't know how you working moms do it. There are so many times I feel so awful during the day and wonder how the heck I'd manage if I had to be at work rather than at my home.

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Can I just say how jealous I am that you don't have to go back to work for an entire year?! I told my husband last night that we really need to move to Canada. Enjoy your time off getting ready for baby! Smile

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Woohoo! Enjoy!

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Already! Yay enjoy that time off!

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Thanks everyone! Smile i gotta say, DH is almost more excited than me...because it means I will be able to cook good dinners for us again, lol!!! :rolleyes:

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Enjoy your time off. Smile I keep saying I am so done with work and wish I could just stay at home and get ready for the baby.

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Good for you Hilary! You are very lucky to get benefits for all of your time off Smile

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That's so awesome! I can only imagine how good it must feel to know you can take it easy until baby gets here!

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YAY! Congrats!