I'm officially a hormonal mess

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I'm officially a hormonal mess

Tonight I asked my husband to go get me food from Subway.....we live pretty much right across the street from it, but he ended up being gone for a while. When he walked in finally the first thing he said was "Babe please don't be mad at me, they were closed so I went to Wal mart instead to get food".

So I did what any normal, hungry, overly tired, slightly nauseated pregnant woman would do....I burst into tears. Over Subway. It's almost embarrassing to write about. Of course my husband couldnt understand why I could be that devastated about missing out on a sandwich, but I REALLY wanted it. And I've had a rough day.

So I sit there bawling for a few minutes while John asks me what he can do to make me happy again, and all of a sudden I realize how ridiculous I'm being.....and I start to laugh. Now he's REALLY confused. He said "Wait, are you laughing now? Good lord, you are a mess!"

I think maybe now he understands just how crazy extra hormones can make a girl. Five minutes later I was fine, and we made a pizza. And I feel much better now that I've had a good cry Wink

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Totally normal! I work as a nurse. We are short staffed right now so we are getting mandated often. That means you come in to work your shift and then they come and tell you that you have to stay for the next shift because there aren't enough people to cover. They did this to me on Saturday and I erupted. I started crying and just fell to pieces. It was quite embarrassing!!

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Those hormones are no joke! I was 10x worse postpartum than I was during pregnancy last time. I would cry at the drop of a hat, I think my husband and my mother were really worried about me for a few days!

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LOL, that is funny. I haven't been so hormonal this time. I'm glad your dh seems to be handling it well! Lol On another note, it's probably a good thing Subway is closed. You're supposed to steer clear of deli meat when you're pregnant. Wink

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aw, it happens to the best of us. Smile I am definately on that train wreck. I went to a grocery store to buy juice for my son and he wanted an apple. So as were in the car he's eating the apple and I just keep watching him, wanting an apple myself.. Well DH wanted Taco bell. So I started crying because I couldn't decide if I wanted to just go eat a fruit platter from the grocery store or eat from Taco Bell. It was so ridiculous! I just couldn't decide and I started getting so overwhelmed for no reason. Strangest thing, those hormones.

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I'm also a complete and total train wreck.

The other day I was going to pee and then take a shower, so I took off my sweatpants and threw them on the bed on the way to the bathroom. I live alone, so I left the bathroom door open and tossed my underwear onto the dirty laundry bin just outside of the bathroom door as I went over to the toilet. I peed while taking off my shirt, tossing it onto the dirty laundry bin from the toilet. Then I wiped and tossed the used toilet paper onto the dirty laundry bin. And then I cried.

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Me too. I cry at anything!!! I get so moody too lol

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I did this alot with the first 2 kids. Lol Pregnancy makes women crazy.

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Mostly I have just been getting teary eyed at anything and everything I see on TV (and I wasn't like that before), but I did break down when I let my dog out to pee the other day and I didn't realize my neighbors were outside and she started barking hysterically at them and I couldn't get her to come back inside and because I had forgotten to put her collar back on her, I couldn't just grab her and pull her back in the house. The neighbors tried to be nice and talk to her, but she just kept barking at them (and she sounds fierce!). When I finally got her inside, I curled up in a ball on the couch and cried.