I'm pregnant!!

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I'm pregnant!!

Well I am ready to officially join you all!! I was "mommy2aprincess" bc I couldn't remember my name from my DD birth board but finally figured it out...so I'm gonna stick with it since I hadn't introduced myself yet!

I'm Rochelle and my DH and I will celebrate 5 years next month and my DD has her 4th birthday in a week!! Found out 2 weeks ago we r expecting number 2! My edd is December 4th but I will probably have a nov baby with a scheduled csection.

Went to the doctor today and they did a u/s and saw the sac! That's not too exciting but it was for us!!! They r having me come back on the 18th for another u/s. So I'm gonna TRY to stop worrying and enjoy this time! Glad I get to join you all!!!

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Congratulations!!! That's awesome you already got an u/s!

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Congratulations! How nice to be able to see the little bugger in there already even it is just a sac right now. Cant wait to get to know you!

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Congrats!! HH9M!!!

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Congratulations!! Woohoo, We were on the April 2007 board together!